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Efficient Home Heating Systems in Toronto

Are you looking to replace your old heating system in your Toronto home? Dupont Heating & Air Conditioning offers energy-efficient home heating systems from Carrier. They are quiet and will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the cold winter months. A more efficient heating system can save you tons of money down the line.


Dupont Heating & Air Conditioning is a reliable HVAC contractor in Toronto; we are insured and licensed HVAC technicians. Tell us your heating issues. We can quickly install and repair your heating appliances. Our technicians maintain high technical and safety standards to meet HVAC needs. Call us if you need home heating systems in Toronto.


We service, install and repair the following:


Heat Pumps

In-Floor Heating

Boilers & Radiators

Hot Water Tanks


Dupont Heating & Air Conditioning has installed and serviced furnaces for over 50 years. There are very few contractors in the industry that you can trust as much as us when answering all of your furnace needs. Whether it be filters, humidifiers, parts or materials for your furnace, we have you covered. We are an authorized Carrier dealer, but we service all makes and models of gas furnaces. In case you require emergency repair, we offer 24/7 service.

As an expert in the furnace field and home heating systems in Toronto, we strongly believe in yearly preventative maintenance to extend the life of your existing or new system. We recommend that your furnace system be maintained every year in the fall season, before heavy usage in the winter. You might ask the technician to complete a checklist so that you can get an accurate assessment of how the system works.

Heat Pumps

We provide service to all makes and models of heat pumps. Ask our technicians if a heat pump is right for your space. We deal with Carrier, Mitsubishi and other brands.

The popularity of heat pumps has risen dramatically over recent years. This has not been purely for their high energy efficiency ratings but is also due to the numerous practical, convenient, and environmentally friendly benefits that ownership and installation can bring.

Heat Pumps are currently the most cost-effective form of heating using electricity, and most good quality systems achieve average COP (Coefficient of Performance) figures of four or more. This means that to achieve four kilowatts of heating or cooling power, they use an average of less than one kilowatt of electricity.

Heat pumps don’t create smoke or add any fumes to the air. Also, as your heat pump circulates the air in your room, the filters clean and purify the air removing dust, mould spores, odours, smoke and other particles. They are excellent for people who suffer from asthma and allergies.

In-Floor Heating

In-floor heating is a fantastic way to take the chill out of a cold basement. It can be utilized easily with current boilers or forced air systems. Zoning can be added to isolate areas of the home that are frequently used. In-floor heating can be used in bathrooms. The system can also be designed to melt the snow on your driveways and stairs. We have many years of experience servicing and installing in-floor heating. We service and install all manufacturers of in-floor heating systems. For installs, we use Rehau piping, the leader in the plastic piping industry.

Boilers & Radiators

We are experts in the field of service and installation of heating your home or business through hydronic systems. Heating through hydronics provides a healthier and uniform heat distribution throughout your home. No airborne dust particles! No difference in temperatures from level to level! True home comfort can exist with a properly installed and maintained hydronic system. We carry nothing but the best hydronic equipment. We also balance existing hydronic systems by utilizing radiator valves to regulate water flow. Our technicians are well trained in this method of heating.


Some of the manufacturers that we service and install include:

  • Carrier
  • Dunkirk
  • Navien (Combi)
  • Rinnai (in-direct tanks)
  • Weil-McLain
  • Viessmann
  • Lochinvar®
  • Olsen
  • NTI
  • Baxi
  • Raypak®
  • Teledyne Laars
  • Slant/Fin®
  • Grundfos
  • Taco®
  • Stelrad®
  • Tekmar®


Hot Water Tanks

We install and service hundreds of hot water tanks/heaters a year. We service all make and models. Despite servicing all makes and models, we stand by industry-leading brands such as Bradford White for our new or replacement installations. For more information, visit their company website.

We also install and service tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters are not for all home water heating needs, but our consultants will recommend the best option. We install brands such as Navien, Rinnai and Noritz.

If you are ever stuck without hot water, Dupont Heating & Air Conditioning can replace your tank with an owned or rented unit as early as the same day. All our technicians are ready to get you back up and running as soon as possible. Get in touch with us for ventilation and home heating systems in Toronto. We will be happy to help you!

The Dupont Heating & Air Conditioning Edge

We have been a dependable heating, furnace and air conditioning company in Toronto. We focus on customer satisfaction. Our team offers efficient and quick services for heating systems, including boilers, furnaces, tankless water heaters, and more. 

Our technicians are licensed. We adhere to rules and regulations and put workers' safety first. Dupont Heating & Air Conditioning proudly provides HVAC solutions to residents in Toronto.

We also offer 24/7 emergency repairs. Whatever the make or model of your furnace or water heater, we have the experience and expertise to handle it. 

Rely on us for seamless installations, hassle-free repairs and quality services!

We are passionate about what we do and, above all, enjoy seeing our clients smile. 

For more information or to get a quote on our services, please feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to assist you!

Install Effective Home Heating Systems

Dupont Heating & Air Conditioning provides top-of-the-line home heating systems in Toronto.

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If you need emergency service for your home or business in Toronto, contact us today. We offer 24/7 service, just call our main phone line after regular business hours, and our emergency technicians will be in contact with you to deal with your heating and cooling issues. We also extend our services to commercial spaces.

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