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Commercial HVAC Services in Toronto

Whether you're looking for the most-energy efficient way to heat your store or you want to keep your commercial space breezy in the summer, Dupont Heating & Air Conditioning offers a range of commercial HVAC services. We are a highly experienced HVAC Company and have worked with various businesses throughout Toronto. We have been in the industry since 1964 and have worked on all major types of boilers within different types of commercial buildings. What makes us different from other contractors is our pricing. We provide efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions at very affordable prices. 

We provide regular training to our staff so that we are up to date with all the latest technologies and can provide the best services to our clients. Our technicians are very experienced and well trained to install and service almost all types of commercial heating systems.  

What We Do

At Dupont Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide following commercial heating services:

If you have any questions about commercial HVAC repairs or any other services, contact our team today.

Repairs & Replacements

A well-functioning heating and cooling system is crucial for operations in any commercial setting such as an office or a restaurant. When your HVAC system breaks down, you run the risk of leaving a bad impression on your customers, and clients. We help you avoid this by providing comprehensive and swift repairs with minimal response times. When carrying out your commercial HVAC repair in Toronto, we always offer long-lasting solutions so that you don't have to call for repairs again.


Although we try our hardest to repair your system, sometimes a replacement is more cost-effective and even necessary. We can work with most makes and models, and our team has the training to replace systems on all types of commercial properties.

HVAC Maintenance

At Dupont Heating & Air Conditioning, we believe prevention is better than cure. Here are some advantages to scheduling regular maintenance for your HVAC system:

  • Energy savings: A poorly functioning HVAC system put a large amount of stress on the different parts and components in the system. This unnecessarily increases your energy costs. Regular maintenance will ensure that your HVAC system functions like a well-oiled machine.
  • Optimized functioning: A well-maintenance HVAC system will perform well, with the hot and cold air being distributed evenly. It helps you avoid the risk of an icy cold conference room or a stuffy restaurant.
  • Longer life: It's no secret that a properly maintained HVAC system lasts longer than one that have no maintenance. With regular maintenance appointments, you can avoid the costs of an expensive replacement.
  • Improved air quality: A neglected heating system will eventually become the breeding ground for mould, mildew and bacteria. These elements in your HVAC system will negatively impact the health of those on your property. Regular cleaning and maintenance will prevent this and ensure cleaner air.


Contact us to schedule an appointment for your HVAC system to be maintenance.

Contact Us

When you hire us, you can expect top quality services. Our team of professionals will assist you in finding the right system for your business after discussing your commercial heating and air conditioning needs. If you're looking for commercial HVAC services in Toronto, contact us today. We can also offer free estimate.

Emergency Service

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Dupont technicians are trained in servicing ductless units of all makes and models. If you need true 24/7 emergency service for your ductless units, please feel free to call in at any time.

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